Keren Smedley 2nd October 2017

A number of my older clients, well, those in their mid 50’s onwards, have raised recently their fear about retiring, so I thought it would be a good idea to write about this. We’ve been conditioned into believing that retiring is what we should do at 65 or certainly a few years after. Many of us are ambivalent about retiring, because we still enjoy what we do, we still feel young enough to work and we aren’t ready for a different lifestyle. I expect very few of us will retire at 65 or even 67. We are now in an era where we can decide when we retire or if we do at all.  As long as we do our job well, no one can ask us to stop working.

It is useful however to take a few moments to think about retiring and to consider why you are working. I suggest that you sit down in a quiet place and think through the pros and cons.

* Make a list of all the pluses about working and all the negatives.

* Do the same for being retired.

* Now take a look at your lists and see which has the most positives. Focus on this one first.

* Look at each negative and see how these can be overcome – it could be working only three days, for example, so you have at least one weekday for preparation.

* Make a list of the negatives that can’t be changed like the changes in the education system

* Then focus on the second list and do the same.

  • You now have a list of positives and a few negatives for both options.
  • Is there any way you can combine the two so you get the best of both worlds? If not, opt for the one with the most positives.

Of course don’t forget that if you retire, all you are doing is stopping paid work. There are numerous things you can do that are unpaid and very worthwhile as well as having some well earned leisure time.

Let me know some of your pros and cons for retirement!

Best wishes, Keren

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