Susan Macintosh | 8th July 2016


 I know that I’ve asked this before. It’s just that so many people around me are saying that they are feeling tired. It seems to be one of those problems that we mention more often the older that we get and I wonder why? After all, ageing in the traditional sense, doesn’t have to be our story today.

Here is the paradox.  By doing less you can often achieve much more and enjoy yourself in the process. And as you know, stress is counterproductive to ageing well.

Overworking your mind can lead to brain fog, lack of clarity and poor decision making, poor memory, an inability to concentrate, even a suppressed immune system.

Living a simpler life leads to greater clarity and less brain fog. A simpler life includes sleeping well at night, playing with your day, getting regular exercise, good nutrition (and some supplements may well help if you are not getting an adequate supply of essential nutrients), mindfulness and meditation techniques, and having a clear idea as to what it is that you want to achieve.  The power of that word “what”. Less is more as we often hear.

Sleep does wonders for cleaning out toxins, and giving all the cells of our body a “refresh and recharge”. And there are now epigenetically based products that help your body be more efficient with this.

Ignoring tiredness can open you up to all kinds of mental health issues and even physical issues, let alone accidents. I know that when I am tired, my mood dips, I am less resilient and I am far more likely to make mistakes. Does this happen with you?

So what to do about getting better, deeper sleep and living a life of less “busyness”?

  • How about starting in the morning with walking outside and connecting with the morning air and the sun. There is a reason why many cultures have early morning out door rituals. And it would be a good idea to have some early morning exercise. especially if you can make it to a local park or beach. Ground yourself in nature.
  • Have a breakfast high in protein and good fats (your brain will love you for it) and if you take them, your nutritional supplements. I firmly believe that if we set ourselves up well nutritionally, we give ourselves the best opportunity for success. After all, cells can’t work well if they don’t have the base ingredients with which to work and it seems that our food supplies aren’t as pure as they used to be.
  • Check in with what you want to achieve today… set a plan of no more than 3 essential tasks. (I prefer asking myself, “what is the one thing I can do today that will make the most difference to my life in 6 months?)
  • Delegate wherever possible. Streamline your processes such that less responsibility is upon your shoulders. Do less. What’s really important?
  • Plan in some fun, “sparkelise” your day. Frankie and I have many a happy moment at the beach together, how could the day not be “sparkly” when in his happy company?
  • Look to find accountability in your actions, either by setting up a programme and doing it by yourself or checking in with a friend or your coach.
  • End your day well. Have transition routines for winding down the day. Ask yourself “have you lived a well lived life today?” If not, what can you do tomorrow to redress the balance? Let go of what you haven’t achieved. There will be more tomorrow.
  • And if you have difficulty shutting down those thoughts as you settle into sleep, there are some “magical” epigenetically based products that can support the body and mind, to create a deep night’s sleep without all the troubles of some of their chemical counterparts.

We probably all know what to do, don’t we?  I think it becomes more a question of “how” exactly are we are going to change our habits? Change has to be sustainable and this includes clearing our subconscious responses, growing a new vision of who we are and what we truly want and then being able to act upon that in a simple way.  If you are having difficulties seeing how you can achieve this on your own, then ask for some help.

Coaching is an amazing way to set yourself up for achieving more with less effort. It is a credible and validated methodology.  And a good coach can help you to find lots of tools and strategies that can be tailored to suit you and your needs.

If you have any questions regarding coaching or the products mentioned, please call or email me. I will endeavour to help you find the best solution for you.

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