Keren Smedley 16th January 2017

FOLLOW THESE TIPS FOR 2017 – It will certainly be better than if you don’t!

feel good pictureI’ve been toying with sharing TIPS for 2017 for a week or so as many of you, having reached our kind of age, will have had a lot of experience and now know what works.  I mulled that idea round for a while and yet something kept bringing me back to thinking this was worthwhile doing. I was caught out myself worrying about a situation and playing it over and over in my head, to be reminded (which of course I knew) that even if we know what to do, doing it is hard. Especially when we’re anxious and adrenalin and cortisol are high and we can no longer ‘think straight’. These tips have held me in good stead most of the time even if occasionally I falter

  1. Believe in yourself, if you don’t no–one else will. Every time you find you doubt yourself, say ‘stop’ and remind yourself of something that you’ve done that was just brilliant! Once and only when your mood has changed go back to the dilemma and tackle it from a positive place.
  2. Empty that wardrobe and take a look at the pile of clothes on the floor or bed. Do you remember saying to yourself, ‘I haven’t got any clothes!’ Now go through them, put any that no longer suit or fit or you just don’t like, into pile: A – for the charity shop, in pile B – put the ones you can’t allow to go but you never wear and C – those you love.  C go back in the cupboard, and B get folded up and put into a drawer. If you hanker to wear one get it out, iron it, and try it on and if you like it wear it and if not into the next A pile! This time next year just tip the clothes left in the drawer into the A bag and give them a new home!
  3. Write down some clear goals for the year, with dates for achieving them and under each an action plan. Check in on this list weekly and modify it. It’s fine if things change and something wasn’t completed. What’s not fine is to just leave it on the list without a new completion date
  4. Manage your money well. Getting into debt can only be stressful. Sadly, if you can’t afford something, you can’t have it. When we were young we possibly had time to earn enough to pay off our debt but at our age it’s less likely. Who wants to leave their children to pay off our loans?
  5. If money is a concern find new ways to make it. With increased automation and even driverless cars (this is when I know I’m getting old as I can hardly bear the thought!), we can all see the writing on the wall for some jobs. If you find yourself in a position where your pension or savings won’t allow you to have the lifestyle you want don’t complain but look at new ways to make money. If you’re interested drop me a line
  6. We are what we eat and drink, we’ve been told it enough. Do you want to be what you’ve eaten and drunk in the last four weeks?  If not change your diet and start eating who you’d like to be!
  7. Spend time with people you like. There comes a point in life when seeing people who weigh you down or make you feel sad, inadequate, unattractive, (I could go on), just has to stop. Either change the relationship or get out. I know it’s easier said than done but in the long run you’ll thank me for this bit of advice. Negative people bring us down and slowly sap all our energy so we are no longer a pleasure for the people we do like and love. If we become too ghastly we may end up losing friends and have family who think we’re a chore and be on the list to be avoided. No-one wants that!
  8. Thinking of energy exercise is a must. I know many of us thought once we left Physical Ed lessons at school we were off the hook, well we’re not. If you want to make old bones then one way to help is to make sure you keep your body strong and healthy. You don’t have to jog but you do have to do something – so start now.
  9. Celebrate your successes. Make a big deal about them to yourself so you can reward yourself. You don’t have to shout from the roof tops, although you can! It’s you who needs to know and who needs to bask in your glory.

Have a great 2017 – believe me if you follow these tips it will certainly be better than if you don’t!

Best wishes from Keren and Experience Matters

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