Keren Smedley 25th May 2017

As many of you know I write for UK Woman’s Weekly as their ‘agony aunt’. I thought I would offer some thoughts on one of the questions I have recently been asked as I think many of our lives would resonate with the author. I have checked out that the author is happy for me to use their question in my blog. 

One of the things I’ve realised over the years I’ve had the privilege to do this role, is that so many of us share the same concerns but because we are often ashamed of them we hide them. We battle on, on our own, assuming everyone else is having a fun and an easy time. The reality is that we all have tough times. Some I know more than others but no-one’s (well definitely nearly no-one’s!) life goes a hundred per cent smoothly. We all have bumpy patches.   One of the reasons pages like mine are popular is because we can, in the comfort of our own homes, read about others who are faced with similar problems. We both learn that we are not alone and also increase our knowledge as to how to tackle the situation. I am a great believer in two heads are better than one! 

For that reason I’m not going to post my answer under the question below. I’m going to invite you to send in your thoughts. Unless you ask me not to I will share these (anonymously) in my next blog so we can begin to pool ideas. 

I’d also invite you to send in some of your dilemmas so we can all have a go at answering them. You’ll find your dilemmas on my WRITE TO KEREN PAGE.  We’ll then add the different answers. If this proves to be something you’d like to do we’ll set up a system where you can answer the question directly onto the site. 

The dilemma for you to answer:

‘I have a very busy life and am always chasing my tail. My ‘to do’ list never gets done and I find this depressing. I never get time to relax and do the things I want to do. I need suggestions, please, for managing my life better’.

Do let me have your answers in the next couple of weeks so I can then share my answer with you 

Best wishes, Keren

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