Do older people lose interest in sex

Do older people lose interest in sex? Ten myths of ageing – debunked

1. Older people lose interest in sex

Many surveys prove this to be false. In one study, 74% of women and 72% of men aged between 75 and 85 said that satisfactory sex is essential to maintaining a relationship. When there is a partner available it’s safe to assume that people are having sex. When we desexualise older couples by calling them cute, this might be disrespectful and can result in harm, such as neglecting to educate older people about sexually transmitted diseases and failing to make privacy possible in nursing homes.

2. If older widows date, it’s to find a new husband

Some widows would like to settle down with a new spouse, but many just want to get dressed up for an evening out, feel attractive to men, and even share intimacy. But wanting to take care of a new spouse in sickness and in health? Many have been there, done that, and do not want to sign up for it again. They prefer to enjoy their new-found freedom and be in charge of their own funds. They have no wish to become a “nurse and purse” to a new spouse.

Read more of this article by Joan T Erber and Lenore T Szuchman in The Guardian, 18th February 2015