Susan Macintosh 13th December 2016

Doing less

jacaranda-blue-newChristmas for me is a sea of blues and whites, from the white sands and turquoise waters of the sea shore to the sparkling sky, to a purply blue sea of jacaranda bloom and skyblue and white agapanthus, blue green gum leaves shimmering in the warmth of a Summer’s day.  That is Christmas in Australia…

LOVE the “magic” and summery colour of Christmas. I’m not so much into “the rush” that comes with it though.

I find too much of “the rush”, anxiety provoking.  How about you?

I’m craving more spaciousness in my life.

This isn’t about being lazy, or not being a contributing member of society, nor does it mean that you live a little and unimportant life. It’s more about making better choices for your life for you.

My simpler life is a life of deep gratitude for the abundance around me, and the greater joy and richness and peace that comes with living that intentional life.  This is not about getting more done or making more money (though interestingly, when you do slow down, that often happens.)  This is all about living every moment of your life in an intentional way… not wasting a precious moment.

Someone asked me this morning… how exactly do I do this?

I simply focus on ‘the space” in between activities. 

How so?  I’ll share some of my simple strategies.

Once I have completed a task I stop, reflect and then plan the next activity.  Maybe even sitting quietly, pondering the view out of the window. Not doing anything, just sitting.

It’s also as simple as sitting and having my coffee, not walking around with cup in hand. No checking my phone, reading a post, or doing anything else. Sitting and enjoying those complex flavours.

I come home from a shopping expedition, rest and reflect, then plan.  If I feel a “rush” from shopping, I know that it is time for me to stop.  Time to take a break and think about what exactly my intentions are.  My resting often includes a cup of tea and a gorgeous magazine… mind candy. Images that bring much joy and inspiration.  Dreaming time.

Locking my phone in the boot of my car as I drive.  Leaving my phone in the car when I go to an appointment.  This gives me increased thinking and connecting time.  Messages can wait.  Waiting is an art within itself.  It’s ok to be bored.  It’s ok to look out the window and observe the sparkles made by the ripples on the water, the colour of the sky.

I choose to sit with uncomfortable feelings, and “feel” those feelings… breathing, not rushing to get away.  Where do I feel those feelings in my body, what do they mean?  What is it that is causing this temporary disturbance? What am I running from?  How can I, or do I need to do something about this?

I’ve taken to turning my phone off for extended periods of time… this frees up “doing” and thinking space… the day flows… more gets done more gently. And I spend such happy moments connecting with people.

Giving myself extra time to get to appointments.  It’s a feeling of spaciousness and ease, this lack of rushing.

And I have taken to asking myself..  Does this need to be done?  Does it need to be done by me?  Is there someone who can do it better than me?  Then, if better done by someone else, I pass it on.

I’m thinking that our deepest and happiest life is “lived” in the space between doing.  Creating more of those spaces in our life gives us more life to live.  Spaciousness…breath, peace and happiness.

Does this resonate with you?  The need for spaciousness, a life of ease?  A slower Christmas time to take in all that is the “magic” of Christmas for you.

If so, what do you do to slow down?  I’d be kinda curious to know.  How about leaving a comment below?


Ps LOVE Jacaranda and their carpet of blue. Happy Australian Summer to you

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