Keren Smedley  19th September 2016

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Dreaming is something all of us will have done since we were very young, we played with our dreams and thoughts and played make believe. Most of us will have times when we find ourselves somewhere else; we get caught up in a daydream. However, sometimes when we ask older people to talk about their daydreams, they reply: “I’m too old to do that.”

Other people will tell you they’re too scared to dream because their lives are going through a bad patch and they don’t believe good things are possible. Still others believe they’re living the dream and never take a realistic view as to where they are and what is possible. A happy medium is the answer which is, of course, true for most things!

We have grown up in an age of positive thinking and with the idea that having clear goals is the route to success, even though life may not be quite like the Everly Brothers song, ‘All I Have To Do Is Dream’. Having a dream/goal is pretty essential if you’re going to achieve what you want. Highly successful people will tell you that they had a dream or goal at the forefront of their mind and that this is what got them to where they are today. 

Turning our dreams into reality is important for all of us if we are going to move forward and create the life we are looking for.  It’s easy to have ideas but turning them into something tangible often feels too great a challenge for us. Sometimes this is hard to do on your own. A coach is an ideal person to help you with this and together you can look at your hopes and aspirations and develop a realistic plan to meet these over an agreed time frame

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For tips and regular newsletter: ‘Feel younger, look and enjoy life more’

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