Susan Macintosh  15th June 2016

Feeling better as you get older?  Feeling better as you get older?

Keren has kindly invited me to write regularly for you on subjects that will help you to navigate life and to age well. (If not fabulously!) 

My name is Susan and I have a background that encompasses regular western medical training, Mind / Body sciences, Nutrition, NLP and Hypnotherapy… and now I am following the new and wonderful science of anti-ageing, (Epigenetics).  

I also love that as I am getting older, I have more freedom to explore the world, meet new people, change perspectives along with ageing well. For example, this week I am in Bali and am loving the cocktail of warmth, the gentleness of the Balinese, fabulous food, swimming pools and beach side restaurants. My stress levels are non-existent, I’ve slept well and unplugged from my usual Internet bound life… and feel 10 years younger! 

What does this mean for you? Hopefully I can encourage you to come on a wellbeing journey with me to a life that isn’t determined by your genetic history. You don’t have to have the illnesses and problems of your parents or grandparents. You can be healthy, active and happy all the days of your life.

We will cover topics from changing belief systems to better support you, nutritional supplements, alternative health care practices, movement, beauty care routines, travel through to financial wellbeing. 

I hope that this interests you? It does me… And I look forward to getting to know you better.

See you next week.

If any of you have any similar stories please jot me a line.

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