Jayne Hildreth | 4th July 2016


imagesThe British climate is changeable to say the least, in the cold winters evenings and nights I like nothing more than snuggling under a warm and cozy quilt! When we have sunshine I like to be able to sit out and enjoy the sun! Where is she going with this I hear you ask? Well since the start of my menopause one of the things I have suffered with is the dreaded flushes. Night time is almost comical, legs in the bed, out…..and repeat throughout the night. Not only is this not conducive to a good nights rest, my husband too is woken overheated with the quilt doubled on him!!

I’ve tried fans but the noise is almost worse than the heat. What kind of things do you do to get a flush free and cool nights sleep?

During the daytime I manage it better though the most challenging places I find are shopping for clothes, particularly trying them on! And when I’m delivering training, as I can find it a real struggle to manage the temperature for everyone – at times I think my delegates have been chilly. I have however become very good at layering clothes and leaving scarves off and avoiding that hot drink that at times seems to take me to cooking temperature.

Any tips from you?

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