Susan Macintosh  14th September 2016

pillows-820149_960_720-1Love love love pleasure … don’t you?

Or do you feel guilty for spending time and money on you?  If so, I wonder why that is? I would be fascinated to know why. Don’t you deserve the best?

I LOVE to set up a weekly intention, of having as much pleasure as possible. The pleasure of quiet time, of attending to small details, the luxury of setting a table and filling my home with flowers, crisp white sheets, freshly laundered clothing smelling of sunshine and breezy salt air. Pleasure in the minutiae of life.

It’s so easy to be all so “serious” about how we MUST do something or another. However, where’s the fun in that?  And have you noticed that the more fun you have, the more attractive you become to others?

I’d love for you to plan this week around pleasure… starting with booking yourself in some date time and taking yourself on a date. Just you. No-one else. Please book a half day or if you dare a whole day, that you tell no one else about, to do something that you love. “YOU” time.

Every human being deserves to be pampered by … themselves.’s our secret. Your secret. And I would love for you to take yourself on a “date” each week. Like “Date Night” with a partner, this is “Date time” for you. Your time to get to know yourself and indulge in your own pleasure… building your own secret “life”.  It all sounds a little mysterious doesn’t it? And that’s the point. To put back some mystery and fascination into your life. So that you can fall in love with you. And indulge and grow your own interests and passions. Reclaiming the essence of you. It might be a visit to a library, to a movie, to take yourself out for lunch… a quiet time to read a book … to visit that store you have always told yourself that “one day” you must visit.

Your homework (for you) is to plan a weekly date with yourself… and not to divulge what it is or where it is that you are going…

Questions.. ask away!

I think though, that once you come to do this on a regular basis, this will be one activity you will never want to give up!

And how about sending  some photos to me, here, of what you have loved doing this week.



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