Keren Smedley 28th November 2016

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Nature is a great healer…..

autumn_leaves_on_road-2560x1600I’m delighted to say that the membership of our website is growing and I’d like to welcome all our new Australian members. As many of you will know I’m spending some time in Australia, as two out of my three children are living there at the moment.  I have to learn what many of us in this new global world have to face, and that is split families.  I have two gorgeous granddaughters who live the other side of the world from each other. 

This of course isn’t what I’d have chosen. I always wanted my children to grow up to be independent adults but I didn’t mean independent enough to live thousands of miles away! That said I am delighted that they have found their own way and are creating lives and families of their own

It’s very easy when life doesn’t go our way or things happen that sadden us, and many of us have severe knocks in our lives (I know in the scheme of things children living away is not major), to find ourselves in a negative spiral and become depressed.

It’s easy to talk about picking oneself up and focusing on the good things that are happening but it isn’t easy.  Many of us find that our heads are predisposed to negative thoughts and however hard we try we seem to focus on them rather than the good things. Sometimes it will feel and may even be the case that nothing particularly good is happening. It’s useful at those moments to look out and beyond our own lives and focus on things that we can enjoy that are external. Nature is a great healer and can uplift our spirits even when our own life is tough. Take a moment to really look around you and focus on the colours or the scenery or just the sun or the moon. Just observing what is happening, such as the leaves turning gorgeous colours in the UK Autumn, leaves unfolding and plants budding in Australia, can change your mood.

budding-poppies-eva-kondzialkiewiczLearning to be grateful is important and not easy. Gratitude means thankfulness, counting our blessings, noticing small and simple pleasures and acknowledging and being thankful for everything you get. By doing this on a daily basis you can build a really solid foundation to help you to cope with the knocks and disappointments.

You may want to keep a gratitude diary so you can begin to see how good things really are even if there are some things lacking.

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