Susan Macintosh  16th August 2016

The “modern classic” is stress…

PortBeachWe all experience stress, of one sort or another. Everyone talks about how stressed they are, and it seems to be becoming worse.

Have you noticed that stress is almost at “epidemic” proportions? And one of the awful things about this, is that stress will age you very quickly. Stress sets up an inflammatory process in the body, which in turn, worsens any other “condition” you may have. Including not helping you to sleep well at night. And that certainly ages you!

I’m also sure that you know that there is a lot that you can do to self manage your stress levels… then why can’t you when in the moment?  Did you know that it’s because “feelings” at a neurobiological level truly do get in the way of clarity?


A very simplistic explanation is that feelings and thoughts caused by stress, are produced and often get caught up within the limbic system within our brain.

Our natural stress response is to close the gateway, to more strategic thinking (when we come under duress from Cortisol and it’s neurotransmitter friends). It doesn’t make much sense though, does it? That’s why some people “hide” when “stressed out”.

Our body is designed to adapt to occasional sharp “take ups” or depletion of Cortisol, so long as they are intermittent and not sustained.

The thing is, that once we have a good dose of these stress chemicals percolating within our system, it becomes easy to “catastrophise” and make up stories of near doom. None of which are true. Nor likely to come true.

Of course, it’s not really “you” thinking this, it’s your overdose of “run away” Cortisol and it’s neurotransmitter friends setting you off at a gallop. And usually not to your “happy place” either.

Would you like to know what I do? The secret I use for success?

If after working through my “check list” of, “am I comparing myself to others, have I set myself up for failure or have I over committed ..the doozy of them all?, I take myself off for some good self care, which includes taking Frankie for a walk by the beach. There is something very soothing about drinking in sunshine and salty air, and wriggling one’s toes in the surf. I don’t try and “sort out” the problem… nature and my own sub conscious will often do that for me.

And then, if that doesn’t work, there is my second line of defence (and no, it’s not a glass of red wine. As much as it may feel good, in the long run, it usually is not helpful.)

My “go to” second line of defence is the botanical supplement called Cortitrol. It is “magical”. It helps the body to rid itself of excess stress hormones which gives you a breathing space or a “gap” which steps you away from the chemical component of stress, such that you can begin to think more clearly, and make good decisions. And this helps you to better manage you.

Believe me, once you have fewer stress chemicals within your system, it becomes easier to put into place techniques that coaches love to teach.  Cortitrol is safe, easy and effective. It helps you to relax, sleep better, wake refreshed and as a bonus, helps you to lose weight if your weight is stress induced. I have a thousand testimonials for it. 

Sometimes we need more than the above two steps. It can be good to gain clarity with another person’s objective listening skills. If you are thinking that you would like a hand to “de-stress”, then please join us in our Mini Express Workshops.  (Events are often posted on my F/B page.) Or you can contact us for a personal session…

I personally LOVE combining all 3 approaches.

Thank you, as always, for allowing me to be a part of your week and life. And I hope that this is a fabulous week for you.



“Helping you to love the life that you live”.

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