Susan Macintosh  7th November 2016

The spirit that shines out in your eyes

what-am-i-doing_Coco Chanel said “No one is young after forty, but one can be irresistible at any age”.


I was feeling old. I had been at an Event and the room had been filled with “sweet young things”.   And later when I looked at the photos, I felt worse.  Don’t give me the, “you look great for your age” euphemisms.  Huh…  That doesn’t help at all.  I looked old and fat.

I went home and took a nap. Then I visited my Acupuncturist and had a moan, whinge really.  And asked him to help me to lose a good 10kg. Not that that would help.

His blue eyes twinkled.

He very gently said, “it’s not about your weight or how you look, it’s about the spirit that shines out in your eyes”. 

You’ve got to be kidding… I wasn’t in the mood to listen to that rubbish.

Then this morning, I spent time (unexpectedly) at an Event with “sweet older things”… and I pulled myself up short.

I was surrounded by busy and active people living their lives. Ageless people. They were “do’ers”. They had businesses (because they realised that they were likely to live to 90 or more … and that had to be funded and their investments weren’t performing as planned), they travelled widely and often, growing new perceptions and attitudes through travel, they were enjoying welcoming new grandchildren and playing with those that were older.  Learning was at the top of their list as life for them is all about the joy of learning.  They were vibrant, accepting, gentle, worldly and fun.

And they were healthy and very attractive.  Maybe a little softer and rounder, however, the “spirit of life” shone out through their eyes.  They were irresistible.

So, I acknowledge my Acupuncturist. He is right. It is all about the “spirit that shines out in your eyes”.

How is your spirit?  Is it what you would wish it to be?

If not, what exactly are you going to do about that?


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