Susan Macintosh | 19th July 2016

YSpanIt’s an interesting thing, this business of getting older

On one hand we don’t feel older and yet on another level, we may well experience difficulties with sleeping, being a little more tired than usual, have an extra layer of weight around the middle, varicose veins that make legs ache, arthritis that makes us wince when getting up in the morning. And what about those extra things that no-one talks about, the change in how our bodies smell, the extra wind that we wake to that burbles as we begin our morning, the warty skin lumps and bumps where once there was delicious dewy skin, maybe even teeth that are discoloured or hair that is thinning. Does this sound even a little familiar?  There is so much that we don’t acknowledge to ourselves let alone others. We soldier on.

Yet do we have to? Science is changing on this front. Who says that we have to age in this way. Epigenetics is helping us to turn back the clock physically and cognitively. Isn’t that extraordinary?  And this is the science of peer reviewed clinical studies. 

May I share one of my stories? A story where I have been struggling for ever so long with inflammation in my body, and most prominently evident in gum disease. So what you might say?  Well, this has been a problem for many years. Despite what country I have lived in, my regular trips to the Dental Hygienist have continued. I have been so worried about my gums and my teeth.

Then in September last year, I began a programme of a very new trial of an anti-inflammatory supplement, and the cynical me had to take a back a giant step.  Several months later, I can report no more inflammation. Gums, knees, achy fingers, or puffy cheeks, outward signs of inflammatory response are no longer apparent. I sleep well, I attend regular exercise classes and walk on the beach at quite a pace, I have energy to power through my day. My skin has improved; my body shape has improved. I can choose how I want to live (there is freedom in that) and where I want to live and I can only wonder what is happening on the inside of me. And my Dentist and Dental Hygienist are amazed. My medical doctor not so much so, because she too is on the programme.  It’s like we are quiet conspirators. previously concerned as to whether we are reading too much into this, and now, feeling quietly confident.

What does this mean for you? Well, if inflammation can be controlled and perhaps even eradicated, there will be no more chronic disease. 

And my clients are experiencing the same results. Every person is different, however all are experiencing the diminishing of uncomfortable symptoms of inflammation.

Is this too good to be true? No longer it seems. It’s extraordinary to think that the science of ageing that we held in such reverence is likely to be over taken by the increasingly growing world of epigenetics. And that we need no longer to be at the mercy of our ageing genes.

If you are wanting more information, please do contact me.  I have more stories of this new science to share. Is it perfect? Not by any means, however if you are curious and open to new science and technologies, then there is so much more to learn. And these opportunities are expanding.

Love that! I truly can’t wait to see what is going to happen next.

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